Having followed Memoryhouse since they gave away a free MP3 of the demo of the chillingly beautiful ‘Lately’ last year, I was very excited to hear about the emergence of this EP.

It opens with the absolutely stunning ‘Sleep Patterns’ which echoes the same ideas of ‘Lately’ which is the song which follows up this gorgeous opener. ‘Modern Normal’ then follows on from that which contains even more hazy, atmospheric vibes; if you listen to the lyrics, it appears to be about feeling quite lost and therefore these instrumentation behind them is perfect.

‘To The Lighthouse’ starts out as something you might hear at a spa whilst you’re getting your back massaged, but then lunges into a gorgeous chilled out love song. It’s actually probably my favourite track on this EP.

The Years concludes with ‘Quiet America’ which is short, sweet but still perhaps a little too short as it’s length seems to make it a bit of a more forgettable track on the EP as the song has no time to develop really. But all in all, a lovely EP as expected from Memoryhouse. More soon please Memoryhouse!