Look, it's over. We lost. Sweden has won the pop wars. Somehow our Scandinavian brethren have figured out the winning formula for remarkably enchanting pop mainstays, and it just keeps churning out gem after furious gem.

The newest comes from Merely, a member of the verily familiar Sincerely Yours label which has also housed JJ, ceo, The Tough Alliance, and Air France, among others. 'Forever', which may or may not be part of an upcoming full length release from Merely, is a blistering and wondrous gem of glossy pop and dreamy electro-fusion. That description may hark soiled memories of Top 40 radio, but Merely punctuated the formula marvellously on her newest single.

'Forever', available to stream below, can be had at Sincerely Yours' Bandcamp.

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