Last we heard of Merely, the newest member in a long-running string of wildly breathtaking pop acts from Sweden, was with the July release 'Forever'. The Sincerely Yours label member, which also boasts familiar Swedish outfits like JJ and ceo, among others, produced an impossibly powerful explosion of expressive pop and endearing naturalist electronica, so the hype for her future work was undeniably high.

And on that justified promise comes 'Princess Hervor', a direct continuation of the mystical and daring majesty of the preceding single. While the familiar sample "woo" loop, which has been featured in an estimated 40,000 songs before 'Princess Hervor', may throw the newness of the track off, Merely's pristine vocal polish and addicting production charms give an even brighter outlook for the Scandanavian songstress.

Listen to 'Princess Hervor' below and look out for Merely's Nirvana, coming early September.