Along with a new singles series, Merge will be celebrating its upcoming 25th anniversary with several re-releases of the label's most pivotal albums throughout 2014.

Late in January, Merge will release the first in the series - Lambchop's Nixon. It was the fifth LP from the Nashville outfit, which consisted of an ever-changing array of collaborative musicians, and was critically penned as one of the best alt-rock pieces of the decade.

It also marked one of the first times the band dabbled outside of its traditional country influences. On the release Merge notes, "The album glides easily from one unexpected grace note to the next, peppering in funk, R&B, gospel, country, vintage folk—and integrating them all, not presenting them discretely. Over the years, as Lambchop has continued to experiment, making more albums that are just as conceptual and well executed, Nixon has grown in stature as a sort of origin point."

Released on January 28th, Nixon will be distributed as 180-gram vinyl and as a double-CD, both of which will include a bonus-disc "White Sessions 1998: How I Met Cat Power". Pre-orders can be made here.

Listen to Nixon cut 'Up With People' below.