The grime renaissance continues with another track from its recent instigator and invigorator, Meridian Dan.

Following the success of hugely eaten-up single 'German Whip', he's rolled around again – this time with President T and Wiley featuring – with the languishing beat and daily-grind-feel synths of 'So Much Cash'. And the humour in the wit of grime as a general component is still alive and well and making me smile.

Though President T's verse is alright, and Wiley is consistently but not jump-out good, it's Meridian Dan who shines the most. His lines are funny, with tongue-in-cheek moaning like – "I've spent so much P's on rent, I don't know where my P's went. How much cash can a man dispense? Shoulda bought a little 3-bed in Kent" – and painting pictures of how people actually do work IRL: "Could've been on the roof top-tiling, call me the ladderboy, see man climbing."

It's the hook that mentions "so much cash" that is most poignant though: "Working my socks off these days. Do I look like a star in deep space? How can you tell who's shining? There's so many stars round these ways." It's not all about bare P, it's about saturation of the scene and working hard to get where you are. Rrrrreal talk.

Stream it here courtesy of fingers-in-every-effing-pie label, PMR.