From the start of the self-titled debut album you may be struck by images of a little Parisian café whilst two actors pretend to fall in love over their coffee’s and pain au chocolates on the silver screen. Well, my housemate and I were anyway.

But Mermonte are not stereotypical Parisians, (they hail from Rennes for a start) but their music could easily make people fall in love. Joy just seems to be woven into the core of their notes and like their mother tongue, love pours out of this record. Maybe I’m being too mushy and emotional but I defy anybody to listen to this record and not have a huge grin on their face by the end of first track 'Monte'.

Those first two songs bring childhood memories of running down grassy hills with your friends flooding back in HD, and that glockenspiel gets me every time. Every. Bloody. Time. It's like they’re playing on your spine and it's tingling up to the base of your skull. I actually flung my curtains open whilst listening to 'We're On The Same Way'. Admittedly, I was greeted with a limp grey sky, drizzle and a perplexed pigeon looking up at me, but the moment was saved by the upwards spiralling acoustic guitar cacophony that plays centre stage on the next track 'Davis La Merle', it just lifts your spirit to another level.

'Grain' has got a tinge of Fanfarlo in its midst, mixing complex arpeggios and a foot stomping beat that breaks into a tornado of good vibes that whisk you into it’s warm acoustic embrace.

'EteÌ' and 'Oups' mix in some characteristics more familiar to fans of math-rock, that when stripped down to an acoustic level take on a whole new meaning, especially when done with Mermonte's grasp of interweaving melodies to create walls of summer pop goodness that's fortifying for the soul.

Mermonte envelopes you from the start, forcing you to daydream to its beat. I have no idea what they're singing in French but I'm almost certain they're saying that everything is awesome and you should be happy with just how beautiful everything is. If you can't tell, I love this record. My only criticisms are that it's too short and that a couple of the tracks are completely out of place and should have ended up on the cutting room floor. Other than that, it's going to be the soundtrack to every one of my mornings from now on.