We're proud to present you with this wonderful playlist from Merz (Conrad Lambert). Check it out below, and be sure to pick up his latest album Thinking Like A Mountain (out now on Accidental Records).

"Occasionally I get asked why the music I make is so eclectic or hard to categorise or at worst diffuse, I conclude that it's because of the family environment I grew up in; being exposed to such a wide spectrum of music from an early age. Not just my mum and dad and their '60s folk into '70s experimental music but also my big sister who was a real new waver, my younger brother who got into both hip-hop and acid house very early on. Then there's my own punk phase, heavy metal phase, '80s electronic, Cocteau's obsession then global folk obsession.

Some of these musicians I can acknowledge as mentors; Edward Williams was a composer and early synth experimenter, and family friend, I did my high school works experience in his Bristol studio. My mum was a member of the pioneering theatre, music and arts group Welfare State International where she played music with Lol Coxhill, Mike Westbrook, Trevor Watts, our house played host to many of these characters, along with local skinheads and punks who used to come to our house to form bands, recruiting me as their 11 year old drummer."


  • Shirley Collins & Davey Graham - 'Hares On The Mountain'
  • Welfare State International - 'Come Away'
  • Dizzy Gillespie - 'Don't Try To Keep Up With The Joneses'
  • Public Image Ltd - 'Flowers Of Romance'
  • Meat Loaf - 'Bat Out Of Hell'
  • Julian Bream - 'Two Almaines'
  • Adam And The Ants - 'Kings Of The Wild Frontier'
  • John Cooper Clarke - 'Gimmix'
  • Public Enemy No. 1 - 'Black Steel'
  • Welfare State with Lol Coxhill - 'Egg Dance'
  • Welfare State International - 'Wind Ties Skeins'
  • Pink Floyd - 'Atom Heart Mother Suite'
  • Hair - 'Aquarius'
  • Edward Williams - 'Japanese Macaques, Warm Baths in A Snowscape'
  • Music In The World of Islam, Reeds - 'Dance Music Foum El Ancur Morocco'
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian - 'Bamboo Houses'
  • AC/DC - 'Riff Raff'
  • Trevor Watts - 'Moire Music Sextet'
  • Cocteau Twins - 'Wax and Wane'
  • Mike Westbrook, Blake - 'I See Thy Form'
  • Welfare State with Lol Coxhill - 'Ghosts'
  • Edward Williams - 'Man - A Choice For The Future Of Life On Earth'
  • Welfare State International - 'Leave Him Alone'