I heard this last night and was like, What is this all about eggshells? But saying that, I cast my question aside and got sucked into this track. It's from singer/musicmaker Aqualung and it's called 'Eggshells' and it also features the voice of Lianne La Havas, lilting and dancing with the subtle groove of the track.

It's awash with solemn pianos and a bristling lot of prickly, insectoid percussion, clattering and doing its crunchy thing above reverse guitar sounds, delayed melodies and shades of infra-bass swoopy about like hefty phantoms on a half-moonlit night. The guitars in this are beautiful, simple melodies and arpeggios and with a raw sound, the nuances of real instrumentation creeping through.

All in all this is one liquid flow of a duet, something that seems to grow hands and put them inside your ears and take hold of your brain and just rock it gently to the rhythm, all the while staying mesmerised by the delicate attention to detail placed centre stage.

It comes from Aqualung's upcoming album 10 Futures, out 19th January 2015. Tracklist below.

  • 10 Futures tracklist:
  • 1. Tape 2 Tape (ft. Joel Compass)
  • 2. Eggshells (ft. Lianne La Havas)
  • 3. Be Beautiful (ft. Luke Sital-Singh)
  • 4. Seventeens
  • 5. New Low
  • 6.Clean (ft. Sweet Billy Pilgrim)
  • 7.Hearts (ft. Prides)
  • 8. Shame On Me (ft. Josef Salvat)
  • 9. Everything
  • 10. To The Wonder