It looks like The Sun have gone ahead and put an end to the months of speculation surrounding Glastonbury Festival's vacant Saturday night headlining spot, because according to them, it's Metallica. Now The Sun isn't exactly a premier music source, but this looks like a lock.

The California four-piece's name has been a staple of line-up rumours for months now, and they match Michael Eavis' insistent that the final headliner would be "one of the biggest-selling bands in the world" perfectly. Even the delayed announcement makes perfect sense too once you consider that they're also headlining the UK's Sonisphere Festival this July and likely have some sort of deal that prevents them from advertising any other festival appearances until a certain date. So tough luck if you were hoping for Prince.

Despite its massive and eclectic line-up Metal is woefully unrepresented at Glastonbury, and while Metallica are one of the safest Metal bands you can get, it'll still be cool -- or at least a welcome change of pace -- to see a band on the heavier side of spectrum take a shot at one of the world's biggest festivals.

Watch Metallica's full set from Bulgaria's 2010 Sonisphere festival below.