Despite Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis' claims that 2014's headline acts have already been locked down, Metallica drummer and some-time denim cutt-offs-sporter Lars Ulrich has made an open plea to organisers to book the legendary metal act for next year.

Despite the band's reign of 30+ years in the game, they've never played at the festival - one of the most famous in the world - and it's clear from Lars' statement to MTV that it's something they'd be well up for doing.

"Every year there's probably less chance of us doing it than the previous year, but it just looks like it would be a fun night out," he said in the interview. "We've been fortunate enough to play every other festival on this planet numerous times, so Glastonbury is the only one that's eluding us."

"There's such a vibe and it's maybe the most quintessentially English festival. Everybody who goes there loves it and obviously Michael [Eavis] doesn't need our help - I completely appreciate and respect that - but if he ever wants to get hold of us we're in the Yellow Pages and ready to go!"

Lars Ulrich knows what the Yellow Pages are?

Whether Metallica get booked or not, tickets for Glastonbury 2014 sold out in record time, with 120,000 tickets grabbed in one hour and 27 minutes, meaning that no matter who headlines the festival - and Eavis hasn't disclosed any names yet - it could be the most successful yet.

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