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Metalocalypse is an animated comedy series that follows the on and off-stage adventures of Dethklok, the world’s most popular and heaviest metal band - so popular that thousands of fans will travel to a remote area of Scandinavia to hear them perform a a jingle for a coffee company. We've watched it and it is brutal. Brutal, and hilarious. The Metalocalypse looms over us all like a furious python waiting to attack. Like a large expertly wielded hammer ready to pound and crush us all into a rotten bloody paste. But another danger has revealed itself. The ‘Revengencers’ seek to destroy. They crawl from a putrid sludge to force a horrid tempest onto the lives of our beloved DETHKLOK. And Dethklok is faced with more brutality. The brutality of weight loss, weddings and sobriety – and the brutality of a rock ‘n’ roll clown. The brilliance and scathing social criticism of METALOCALYPSE scorns the weak-minded and empowers free thinkers, making this the most dangerous programme in the history of television. Beware. Loaded with 1 krillion super cool zazz-filled metal dildo features including hidden backstories, music videos, interviews and deleted scenes.

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