Mew have designed an innovative new music app called Sensory Spaces to reveal an exclusive version of new track 'Making Friends'.

"Mew has always been about playing. About turning things upside down and expanding the limits of the music experience," says guitarist Bo Masden of the app. "The same applies to Sensory Spaces. We wanted to present our listeners with something different while also revealing some of the stuff that is in store. In addition it is a tiny peek behind the drapes of a band which in its nature is rather private."

Using sound and movement, users are challenged to navigate through a string of spaces containing fragments and elements of new music by the band. Detecting sound via your phone or tablet like a sonic metal detector, in one space you could be waving around looking for drumbeats, in another space it's the vocals you're chasing, and by moving yourself and your device towards the sound, you complete a space and proceed.

along the way, Mew are there to guide you and help you find more elements of the track. Finishing the app unlocks an exclusive version of the band's new song, 'Making Friends'. As a bonus feature, you can play around with the song and manipulate the sounds.

Sensory Spaces is released for iPhone and iPad and will be available – free of charge – on the 25th of September from the app's official website.

Watch the fascinating introductory video Mew have made for Sensory Spaces below.

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