Japanese trio Miaou have been kicking around since 1999, and last year saw them drop somewhat of a sonic curveball with 'The Day Will Come Before Long', featuring electronic stylings with in-your-face synths.

Now Tatsuki Hamasaki and sisters Mayumi and Hiromi Hasegawa have invited acts to remix tracks from the album for a release, Miaou Remixed - The Night Will Come Before Long - turning day into night. Aus takes care of duties for 'Lost Souls' to create a languidly-paced chill-tastic vibe, ideal for skiving off work/school in your sun-kissed garden like the halcyon days gone by.

The release will also feature remixes by Errors, Sun Glitters, Brassica, & Not Squares, and is out December 6th via Teto Records.