Are you a fan of Micachu and the Shapes and want to see a film about "an alien seductress who preys on hitchhikers in Soctland"? Well then you'll love the new Scarlett Johansson film Under the Skin. The film features a score from Micachu's Mica Levi. If that's not enough for you, the film is directed by Jonathan Glazer, who has worked on music videos for Massive Attack, Radiohead, Blur, and more. It drops a few days before the film is released; the soundtrack on 31st March (UK)/1st April (US), and the film comes out on 4th April. You can find the tracklist and a trailer for the movie below.

  • 01 Creation
  • 02 Lipstick to Void
  • 03 Andrew Void
  • 04 Meat to Maths
  • 05 Drift
  • 06 Lonely Void
  • 07 Mirror to Vortex
  • 08 Bedroom
  • 09 Love
  • 10 Bothy
  • 11 Death
  • 12 Alien Loop

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