Michael Jackson just keeps on being successful - there's no stopping him from unending posthumous success. Most recently, it's news today that Thriller has set a new record by becoming the first album to go 30 (thirty) times platinum, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). That means it's officially sold 30 million copies, and counting, in the United States.

RIAA CEO Cary Sherman gave a statement about the record-breaking news:

"RIAA has awarded Gold & Platinum records on behalf of the music business for nearly 60 years, but this is the first time an artist has crossed the 30X multi-Platinum plateau. We are honored to celebrate the unique status of Thriller in Gold & Platinum history. What an exceptional achievement and testament to Thriller’s enduring spot in our hearts and musical history."

Outside of the US is a different story, however - a much more successful one; since its release in 1982, Thriller has sold over 100 million copies in the rest of the world. Let's celebrate by enjoying the video for album's legendary title track below.

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