Right from the catchy opening bass notes, backed by the sound of the surf, 'Vicious People', from the EP of the same title, transports you to the shimmering Florida sunshine that is Parallax's home. Like much of his music, this track evokes a hyper-reality, all sun-drenched and carefree, while the lyrics are suggestive of something darker and more substantive: "I believe in broken bits of blood and bone and teeth that grit..." You could almost miss this, delivered as they are in a dreamlike, echoing drawl that renders some almost indecipherable. He has captured the sound of the Summer's coolest indie beach party, but it's the poetry of his lyrics that put him a notch above in that saturated market.

Demonstrating this more so, the second featured track from the EP, 'Please', is like the ghostly, melancholic cousin of Death Cab for Cutie's, 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark'. With sleepy diffused vocals over rhythmic, fingerpicked guitar, it's signifiantly simpler than Parallax's usual multi-layered electronics and perhaps more affecting for it. After the inevitable drunken party melodramatics are over, this is the song to soundtrack watching the fire burn down and the sun come up, shoulder to shoulder in the companionable silence of your best friend.

The entire Vicious People EP is available on a 'pay what you like' basis from http://michael-parallax.bandcamp.com