Microsoft have worked in cooperation with the FBI to take down as many as 1,400 ‘Citadel’ botnets, known for stealing more than $500 million from bank accounts.

Citadel is comprised of a network of computers that have been programmed to coordinate attacks infecting many computers with malicious software. It is thought to have infected up to as many as five million PCs to date.

Although Microsoft and the FBI don’t believe this will stop Citadel's activities completely, they believe that taking down 'more than 1,400' in a simultaneous operation will severely cripple the operation (It all sounds like something out of a DC Comic).

The FBI does believe that the culprits responsible for the creation of these botnets originate from Eastern Europe, as the botnets don’t effect the Ukraine and Russia: the perpetrators would probably want to avoid law enforcement in their home country.