Microsoft have announced that the Xbox One will be first console to be sold in China in nearly 14 years, following the country relaxing some of its laws governing home entertainment. And why not? With a country of over a billion people, Microsoft have seen that there is room for them in the market. But with PC and tablet gaming at an all time high is it a case of too little too late?

Consoles have been banned since 2000 when the Minister of Culture deemed that it was having an adverse reaction on the minds of young children. Obviously sitting in front of a PC monitor and playing World of Warcraft for over 40 hours is fine though. I must add incase anyone calls me out on it that the PS2 was briefly available in 2004 before being banned once again not too long afterwards.

Analysts are against the idea

Some analysts believe that Microsoft's plans to launch in China have no guaranteed chance of success mainly stating that of the half a billion that do play games, 89% play on PC while the rest use tablets. HIS Tecnology's Director of Games Piers Harding-Rolls has said that, "Microsoft's approach to bringing Xbox One to China appears meticulous, it has partnered to bring local expertise and content into the venture, it has an established distribution network through its Windows business which it plans to leverage and its product positioning appears to be well blended and not overtly centred on traditional console games."

"Even with this approach, success is not guaranteed. What is clear is that, in a market where very few consumers game on consoles, success will not happen overnight. It will take significant time to educate the Chinese audience about the Xbox brand and Xbox One device – so strategic longevity, deep financial pockets and commercial staying power will all play a role in building towards success in the territory."

Luckily being one of the richest companies in the world, Microsoft will not have a problem playing the long game in China and if successful they will have captured one of the biggest markets in the world before Sony even have a chance to sell their record breaking Playstation 4 there.

Xbox One launches in China later on in the year.