Australian trio Middle Kids have been long known in their home country, but hopefully the ripples of their musical prowess will reach further shores this year when they release their debut album Lost Friends through Lucky Number on May 4th.

As a statement of intent for what’s to come on the LP, the lead single ‘Mistake’ couldn’t be a more powerful one. Cruising on dream-washed guitars and a propulsive rhythm, ‘Mistake’ allows the band to show off their musical chops while not overshadowing lead singer Hannah Joy as her luminous vocals guide us through rises and falls in emotion and tension. The overall sound of the song is a clean indie rock number, but within Joy’s lyrics is a much messier tale, and this dischotomy makes ‘Mistake’ a compelling listen.

Check out ‘Mistake’ below

Middle Kids’ debut album Lost Friends comes out on May 4th. They’ll be playing London’s Moth Club on April 2nd.