There will be a lot of children conceived around 30 June. It's when the brand new album from Miguel drops, the long-rumored Wildheart that we got a taste of a few days ago when he dropped a new song titled 'Coffee (Fucking)' featuring Wale. You can stream that below!

When there's good news, there's bad news it seems, and Miguel's got both in spades. If you think back to the 2013 Billboard Awards, he (in)famously accidentally leg dropped an audience member during his performance. One of those attendees, Cindy Tsai, is suing both Miguel and the MGM Grand Hotel for money to cover her medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, according to TMZ. However, Fan Khyati Shah, who actually suffered the brunt of the damage, hasn't sued, so we'll see how this all ends up for Tsai.

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