This gig promises to be a special combination of British folk music, past and present, with each act playing separate sets, then joining up for a collaboration as well.

Mike Heron was one of the founding members of the Incredible String Band, a band whose late 1960s album releases such as The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter and Wee Tam and the Big Huge have become a primary influence on the psychedelic folk movement. Heron's 1971 solo debut Smiling Men with Bad Reputations, was produced by legendary producer Joe Boyd and featured contributions from luminaries of the day such as John Cale, Richard Thompson and Pete Townshend.

Trembling Bells are a band from Glasgow inspired by folk music, early music and classic rock. Their albums have been lauded by the likes of Paul Weller and the aforementioned Boyd. They appeared at the Belle and Sebastian Bowlie 2 ATP and the 2009 tribute concert to the Incredible String Band (A Very Cellular Song). Their newest album The Constant Pageant develops their psych-folk leanings and edges more towards a classic folk-rock sound.

Mike Heron has already guested with Trembling Bells at Stewart Lee's recent Austerity Binge at the Southbank Centre and this show should be a fascinating opportunity to see how both acts work together.

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