Recently Vice met up with Mike Posner (rapper, producer, owner of a pretty decent beard) to talk about what it takes to make a classic. Working with huge artists such as Lil Wayne and some guy called Justin Bieber (anyone? No?) you would expect that money has a big part to play in the process, but it seems that passion and being creative are the key ingredients to his work. That and a healthy work ethic.

This drive and passion really struck a chord with Reebok, who subsequently got Posner involved with the launch of their latest product, the Reebok Classic RealFlex Racer, which is only available in Foot Locker (Europe) and based on Reebok's original sports technology - The RealFlex

Check out the video below to get an understanding of what we're talking about! Hopefully it will inspire you to create some music yourself, that or buy some new trainers!