Following the release of his debut LP Idealist in 2016, the addictive 'Idol' last year, and a new infections tune called 'S.H.A.K.E.' this summer, Italian DJ and producer Andrea Tirone a.k.a. Mind Enterprises is back with a brand new single called 'Gemini' whose video we are happy to premiere here at The 405.

The clip was shot in the island of La Palma (where Tirone himself resides) and sees the producer playing a nerdy astrophysicist with an obsession for the cosmos that would lead to the accidental creation of his evil twin. "Channeling The Man Who Fell To Earth, Andrea Tirone stars as an awkward, science-obsessed outsider who dreams of being a more charismatic version of himself," director Jack Barraclough explains. "Shunned by the scientific community he accidentally succeeds in creating a twin copy of himself from the stars using some mystical astrophysics." Barraclough defines the video's aesthetics as "if Steven Spielberg abandoned Close Encounters halfway through and Hype Williams came in to finish the film."

"It was a pleasure to work again with Jack," Tirone says of the clip. "They were three really hectic days in La Palma! By the end of it, I was surprised how everyone seemed so fresh and rested, while I was struggling to stay awake, taking naps at any disposable moment. It was worth it though! Ending up with a great video that represents the song amazingly well. We did a lot on the island - everything from deciding about my shirt with the little dogs on to reading Close Encounters to get in the zone at the hand built telescope (though the Calima helped a lot). Lots of scientific research went in to finding that "angle of incidence" too!"

Watch it 'Gemini' below.