From the start, the urge to dance is strong! n fact, you may well find yourself dancing along without even noticing it. Off The Radio is a great little collection of some very good pop songs. In true Miniature Dinosaurs fashion, the verses in 'Fight Or Flight' (as with the rest of the EP, actually) are refreshingly sparse in the music, allowing the vocals to take the spot light, before it snaps right back and the music come to the forefront.

They've been likened to The Killers, which I think is a little cruel. Barry Maclean's voice is deep, rich and warm, with very much an Alex Kapranos/David Bowie likeness to it; combine this with bassist Alban Dickson's lighter, cleaner vocals and the result is both pleasantly surprising and fresh.

There is an electronic/80s vibe to most of the EP, provided by Craig Ferrie on keys, that, sadly is a little drowned out every now and again. 'Alligator' is something a little different, beginning in the intro, with that electronic sound to it and the rest of the song giving a slight nod towards The Cure.

The fun that you can't fail to miss in a live setting is there throughout, this sums them up quite nicely, actually. Miniature Dinosaurs have themselves some bloody good pop songs here, but it's obvious that this isn't all there is. Miniature Dinosaurs have a lot more up their sleeves and could well become a Scottish gem.