The Brooklyn-based indie pop quartet Miniature Tigers are a little more than two weeks away from releasing their new album, I Dreamt I Was A Cowboy. With several heartfelt gems already out in the world -- including the bubbly and earnest 'Dreaming' -- the time is right to share a new track, 'Nobody Else.'

The track opens with a pitched up version of Millie Small's 'What Am I Living For' before a hearty beat punctuated with soulful piano allows vocalist Charlie Brand to coast in on a thick wave of emotion. "Didn't I give you all my love?" he asks with palpable pain, as the kaleidoscopic instrumentals swirl around his voice.

Brand explains that the choice to include the sample of Small was the result of a mid-meal music suggestion: "My friend Jeff Whitman turned me on to Millie Small when we were having dinner one night. I became obsessed with her incredible voice. I started chopping her song 'What Am I Living For' up and sent it to Rick [Schaier, the band's keyboard player]. He added those piano chords and some vocals and sent it back to me to finish. Mae [actress, singer and Brand's girlfriend] gave me the line "Sleep More/ Drink less/Find a better therapist" which led to the theme of the song. This song to me is really a big collaboration with my friends and loved ones."

The end result is yet another intoxicating slice of heartbreak from Miniature Tigers, who are well on their way to releasing one of the year's most promising releases in I Dreamt I Was A Cowboy, which is due out on Oct. 28.

Check out 'Nobody Else' below.