From first irrepressibly popping groove of slap bass in 'Stare', the new Prince single, you know that you're in for a treat. As we sashay wildly through the track it just gets better and better, becoming a tract of feel-good funk punctuated with strains of nocturnal brass, warm keyboard chords, and rhythmic, richly layered vocals that show off the typical passion of Prince, panting into the microphone as if its the music itself, the hot-and-sweaty neo-noir minimalist groove of 'Stare', is his dance partner/lover for the night. Also: listen out for the sample from 'Kiss'.

This arrives after previously-released 'HARDROCKLOVER' and, although it looks like a one-off single, it could well be part of an upcoming full-length album. Hannah Ford Welton of Prince collaborators 3RDEYEGIRL hinted at new material, which may arrive under the title The Hit & Run, to BBC Radio 6 Music.

Stream 'Stare' on Spotify.