Musicmaker Priscilla Sharp has shared a track via Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs platform. It's called 'Floored'. Whilst beginning as a quiet and minimalist assembly of broken beats and delicious tongue-fizzing noises, it gradually evolves and morphs into a dynamic tract of winding synth chords and thickets of percussion, beset by bubbling bleeps, shot through at all times with Sharp's emotive vocals, soaked in a combination of clarity and fragility that maintains a familiarity with the listener at all times, so that its busier ending welcomingly catches you off-guard.

The song is about, says Sharp in the song's description, "love. femininity. volatility. power," adding that, "some people don't handle that combination so well, but through the wound comes the reward."

Ryan Hemsworth himself also shared his thoughts on the track:

"so grateful when a song makes me curious. priscilla's music immediately made me feel that -- along with discomfort, in a good way. there's like an emotional dissonance in her work; eerie and arousing, dark and warm. her use of space and silence shouldn't be ignored either - 'Floored' feels like it's reeling you in closer and closer, only to let you go again and again."

Listen below.