Dance label Ministry of Sound is suing Spotify for allowing users to "copy" the tracklisting of their compilation albums. The brand claims that, when confronted with it, the music company refused to delete the users' playlists: "It's been incredibly frustrating: we think it's been very clear what we're arguing, but there has been a brick wall from Spotify," says Ministry of Sound's chief executive Lohan Presencer during an interview with The Guardian.

The legal argument used by Ministry of Sound is based on the skills and expertise required to put those tracklistings together: "What we do is a lot more than putting playlists together: a lot of research goes into creating our compilation albums, and the intellectual property involved in that. It's not appropriate for someone to just cut and paste them," commented Presencer.

A Spotify representative has confirmed that the company has received the lawsuit, but refused to comment on it any further.

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