When I first heard Uranium Club, I was enamored with their total embrace of the strange. The band has been relentlessly compared to Devo and, while they may sigh to see it happening again here, the comparison is made with good reason and good intentions. For proof, look no further than the Minneapolis band's new single, 'Prissy Chrissy,' taken from the band's forthcoming live LP, Uranium Club – Live For The Very First Time (In Italy).

Blasting off with a rippling guitar riff and a ticking hi-hat, 'Prissy Chrissy' rattles with a ramshackle energy that makes it seem as though the whole thing might fall apart at any moment. And yet, the track carries onward for a little more than four minutes, captivating listeners at home and those lucky enough to hear the track in person. The track has a heady slant, but also a healthy dose of the surreal. Comparisons to Devo aside, no band sounds like Uranium Club. I've never heard a band sound so self-assured and so in control while purposefully steering so close to absolute chaos. The whole thing is so damn compelling, the kind of wildness you can't help but hope to get close to.

"'Prissy Chrissy' was involved in a robbery of sorts, a sordid soirée caught on tape live in an Italian bungalow," says the band. "I’ll take all the Uranium Club you’ve got."

You can stream Uranium Club's 'Prissy Chrissy' below. If you love it -- and I'm sure you will -- be sure to pick up Uranium Club – Live For The Very First Time (In Italy) when it drops on April 3 through Castle Face Records.