We've written about Minute Taker before, around his campaign for 2013's Last Things and, on the back of his subsequent highly-regarded turn as composer for the Royal Exchange Theatre's musical, HOAX, Ben McGarvey - he has a real name too, you see - has just announced a new audiovisual show in support of his forthcoming third album, To Love Somebody Melancholy.

The new record is a concept album - no, wait! - with McGarvey focusing on an exploration of artists' psyches and cycles of creativity. Teaming up with animator Ana Stefaniak, each of the songs have been given a visual accompaniment through film and animated projections, which will be debuted by McGarvey and an orchestral band at the Chorlton Arts Festival on 21 May. The special show which, together with the project, has received significant Arts Council funding, will take place in an atmospheric church in Manchester.

It is McGarvey's inimitable voice combined with a lyrical honesty and broody, accessible sonic oddballness, which set him apart from the obvious compare-to 'leading males' he's been measured against in the past (James Blake being an instance in point). As tracks like 'Merge' demonstrated, he can write a hooky tune and be a bit of a creep with it at the same time. There's scope for pop music to be a bit more creepy, no?

Keeping the majority of the album's new cuts under wraps until the show, McGarvey has unveiled 'A Saturnine Glow', a small taster and the only instrumental piece in the song-cycle, which was inspired by the instrumental works from David Bowie's Low, one of McGarvey's favourite albums. You can listen to the piano and synth "duet" below.

Minute Taker plays To Love Somebody Melancholy at Chorlton Arts Festival at 7.30pm on 21 May. Tickets are available here. The album, To Love Somebody Melancholy, is expected in early 2016.