What’s a mini-album these days? Presumably it’s like brunch. As Marge Simpson’s would-be lover, Jacques, once explained to her: it's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end.

Minute Taker’s new mini-album, Reconstruction, is not quite an EP and it’s not quite an LP but it comes with a lovely Pet Shop Boys cover at the end. In fact, it’s a new studio version of the cover he recorded live for the 405 a couple of years ago and it’s really good.

But we digress. We’re here to talk about ‘In Slow Motion’, the song opening this six-track set, which comes out next week. It’s probably the darkest cut on the record and picks things up nicely from where Minute Taker’s superb 2013 album, Last Things, left off.

“Like an explosion / In slow motion / With bated breath I wait / As pieces break away / You let my heart break”, he sings, tackling heartbreak and deceit. He tells The 405: “It’s about that feeling that everything comforting and familiar is slowly becoming more fragmented and you’re helplessly watching as your world falls apart, piece by piece.”

‘In Slow Motion’ begins a cappella and builds slowly with a bright piano that soothes one into a false security of where the track is heading, before jaunty beats and electronic bleeps and bloops come in around the half-way point to educate the listener to the contrary. It’s dramatic and engaging right from the first play.

From then on, Reconstruction is cheerier and much more hopeful. As Minute Taker puts it: “For me it becomes an ecstatic search for new improved ways of rebuilding yourself into something more resilient than before.”

On the back of a successful debut headline show in London last month, Minute Taker will be going on tour again in February, with a gig at St Pancras Old Church to be announced shortly.

Reconstruction is out on 20 November on Octagonal Records. For more details visit here. Minute Taker plays St Pancras Old Church on 2 February 2018.