Many artists don’t begin to discover their talent until those formative teen years. But Miranda Glory was already getting into the swing of things when she was five. She is now a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and Berklee College of Music alumna. Since graduating, Miranda Glory has worked under some of the most accomplished songwriters in pop music. All of the hard work has finally paid off. Miranda Glory is now signed to Tommy Boy Entertainment and has been tirelessly working on music.

And the 405 is here with the premiere of Miranda Glory’s new single, ‘Blue Eyes’, featuring Matty Owens.

‘Blue Eyes’ has all the makings of a perfect late-club-hours slow jam. It’s the soundtrack playing during the montage of you and that special someone deciding to ditch the club and make the trek back to your residence to do the cosmic tango. ‘Blue Eyes’ is the definition of a known genre getting a computer age makeover. The song is undeniably rooted in ‘90s/ early 2000s R&B. But better studio equipment and the ever present influence of electronic music in all genres of pop gives this track a fresh, universal flavor.

It’s even fresh for Miranda. She says, “‘Blue Eyes’ feels like the first time I’m showing a lighter, more romantic side of myself. A lot of my music tends to be the soundtrack to broken hearts, but this song is all about completely losing touch with reality when you’re with somebody. It was so nice to write about the more effortless, positive parts of love for a change.”

So, let Miranda Glory and Matty Owens sweep you off to paradise with the 405 premiere of ‘Blue Eyes’.