Here is the awesome new video from mixer of '80s and punk aesthetics with romantic sensibility himself, Mirror Kisses. But wait, wait, wait— who? Mirror Kisses is the project of Virginia resident George Clanton, who is the brains and heart behind the music (but joined by others onstage in what look like very fun shows). The video – a mix of Mirror Kisses' colourful live performance in Washington DC and free-flowing wall art, first applied then erased – reflects the feeling in the song of second-guessing yourself but still doing what you love, as Clanton himself described to me.

Aside from the visuals, it's a a brilliant song – a mixture of '80s-style synthpop and chillwave, with its muffled squelch of jouncing bass synth, slow-swaying with emotional slacker drums. There's a glittery feel to it, something lustrous creeping in its light, almost delicate synth chords flanging with warmth beneath the icicle-like soaring synth leads. And then, of course, there's the vocals. The vocals. They're full of poignancy, brought up from deep wells of feeling and crooned out in aching baritone, with lines like "I'm no genius / But when you say those things / It makes me feel so dumb" shining out with endearing affectation. A truly wonderful sound.

This is taken from Mirror Kisses recent album, Heartbeats, which is now completely free to download at his Bandcamp page.

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