"My dream this year is for Jai Paul to release a proper record". I've just asked Court Alexander and Steven Lopez, two of the vital pieces that make up the elaborate, dizzying puzzle that is LA's Mirror Talk, what the band's aspirations consist of this year and if Lopez's blunt declaration doesn't immediately enamor you to them, stop reading now. Us too, Steven, of course, but we are somewhat curious about Mirror Talk as well.

Formed via the internet due to there being "records we wanted to hear that hadn't been made yet, so to the extent that we are able, we endeavour to make them," they bonded over a shared affinity for Prince, Bowie, Kate Bush and Burial - singled out as particular strands of inspiration on their most recent EP. "As listeners we're all pretty omnivorous," Lopez remarks. "We think of our core elements as being the voice and approach to songwriting, both of which are informed by soul, rock and certain types of pop music." Alexander is refreshingly stark in contrast. "I grew up listening to a lot of R&B and soul music as a kid and I still gravitate to it." Despite his initial dismissal of new wave due to a lack of great vocalists, his flippant stance began to soften upon meeting his fellow bandmates. "It wasn't until I met these guys that I started to listen to new wave music in a different way, and really enjoy it."

Of course, this must have hugely shaped the shimmering, squelching pop of debut EP, Infatuation. "It's the nearest we've gotten to finishing songs that feel akin to the music we most enjoy," Lopez enthuses. "It's also the first music we've worked on with the aid of an experienced producer, which was terrific fun and enormously fruitful, we think." We'd tend to agree. If 'Too Late To Start' is brimming with complex rhythms and bouncy chart sentiments, 'Don't' is fiercely explosive and a worthy single; its resulting video a popular topic between the band and myself.

"We looked at videos for Rhianna's 'We Found Love', Smashing Pumpkins' '1979', and most crucially, Velvet Goldmine as our primary inspirations. It was our friend Ryan's first go at directing a video and my first time writing one, so the whole thing was proper chaos most of the time," Lopez recalls. "That hotel room was actually destroyed by strangers. We really didn't seek permission to shoot at any of those locations and many managers/owners/employees had become violently upset with us in the course of our filming. It was all spectacularly fun."

Their quest to portray "youthful waywardness" appears to have been achieved, then. "We very passionately hate videos that present four or five mopey musicians half-heartedly pantomiming their song and thus sought to do something quite far removed from that, to the extent that we ourselves wouldn't feature in the video, although we are caught in several shots, mostly by accident."

With a fistful of impressive material and a calamitous video under their belt, Mirror Talk appear to be edging towards an LP release. They are quick, however, to dismiss this notion. "In terms of finishing and releasing songs, we favor EPs and singles for themoment. As we tend to be obsessive with details of our music, I think our heads would explode if we had to complete 10-or-so songs in succession." At least for our sake, it's a risk worth taking.

You can visit Mirror Talk by heading here.