"Oh lets delay, lets find another game, cause you're boring me a little more with everyday" croons Mirrors frontman James New. The lyric being precisely the opposite of how I felt watching Mirrors storm through their cramped headline slot at Madame JoJo's. The eletro-pop 4-piece, clad in suits, have a stage presence far superior to anything in their niche at this moment, remaining straight faced and non-chalant. That is atleast, untill the bass drops during 'Into The Heart' then all manner of crazed dancing lets loose. It's a rare and enjoyable sight to see an entire crowd joining in with a "Dance like no one's watching" mindset. The band are also accompanied by visual's that would make even the least arty-farty lady or gentleman smile. Simple yet sublime graphics that adapt to Mirrors different songs. The excellent sound and intimacy at Madame JoJo's certainly added something extra to Mirrors show, since their sound could easily fill arenas. Would I see Mirrors again? Absolutely. Just brush up on the dancing a bit boys.