Mirrors have revealed a track-by-track guide to their debut album Lights And Offerings, which was released this week. The band are currently on tour with Fujiya & Miyagi (details below). 1. ‘Fear Of Drowning’ The account of a growing anxiety, 'Fear of Drowning' conveys the terror and suffering of a mind aware of it's own mental illness. It is the portrait of a man trying to keep a grip on the world around him. 
Not a cheery subject I know, but I guess we have always been more drawn to the darker side of life. It's much more invigorating in a way. 2. ‘Look At Me’ How many songs have been written about love? Well here is another one! But I guess it is strange love. A man agonizes between new happiness and a growing sense of lost aspiration and drive. It is also one of the best examples of what Mirrors do best... pop music wrapped up in a warm, ethereal blanket. 3. ‘Into The Heart’ A story of two lovers; meeting in the dark of course! It focuses on movement: dancing, touching, hearts beating, the lyrics written quickly and without obvious meaning. And for those of you interested, it has an incessantly catchy chorus...it's been in my head for 2 years! 4. ‘Write Through The Night’ A song concerned with boredom. It is the boredom we feel in our everyday lives. Sonically it has an almost dub-step slant to it, except of course it's bloody massive! It's as if Kraftwerk wrote a song and then gave it to Kevin Shields to fill every single frequency! 5. ‘Ways To An End’ A seething, waterlogged, saturated, yet sprightly groove, and it splashes about in the feelings of recklessness, abandon, dreaming and confusion that arise in the brain when faced with all kinds of emotional junctions. It is a reflection of the excitement, anxiety and confusion that can come spitting out the brain at any split-second. 6. ‘Hide and Seek’ Lyrically almost child-like in it's simplicity, it is a song that can mean everything whilst saying very little. A feeling perpetuated by it's loving, soulful intent. 7. ‘Somewhere Strange’ This song isn't very old but something about it already fills me with nostalgia. It is, if I say so myself, a very beautiful song. Definitely a hint of New Orders 'Your Silent Face' in there, with a splash of LCD Soundsystem's 'Someone Great'. 8. ‘Something On Your Mind’ Originally sung by Karen Dalton, we chose this to be the bands first cover. The original is heart wrenchingly sad and we all instantly fell in love with it. We basically decided to break up the album recording process by doing something fun. This was the product of said fun. 9. ‘Searching In The Wilderness’ Mirrors are not always about the 'noir'. Sometimes we indulge in little 'pop blanc' and this is just such a moment, being the most light hearted and fun track on the album. Incidentally, the title 'Searching in the Wilderness' was taken from a really good 60s garage rock compilation. 10. ‘Secrets’ ‘Secrets’ is the angriest, strangest and most bombastic track on 'lights and offerings' and though it is fueled with passion, there is also a sense of relief, a feeling of liberation, of a light at the end of the tunnel. It is only in the end that we see the whole picture.... Tour Dates March 4th Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, with Fujiya & Miyagi 5th The Fleece, Bristol, with Fujiya & Miyagi 
 8th Heaven, London, with Fujiya & Miyagi and Ghost Eyes Get tickets 15th Corsica Studios, London April 
 1st Proud2, London 
 2nd Troxy, London, supporting Gary Numan + John Foxx