If I was to ask the question, “What’s the best thing to have ever come out of Australia?”, what would you answer? Fosters,Steve Irwin (RIP), Neighbors,Holly Vallance or maybe that crazy CBBC show we used to have as kids; you remember - Round The Twist? I’m sure those would be many of your answers, In fact all of those things are great exports from our friends down under. However, in recent years some of the greatest things to have ever graced the vision of Mankind have come from the invention of the world wide web. In particular the millions of videos posted by people across the globe every day on Youtube and Australian native, Miss Cupcake (as she likes to be called) is one of those very people. Out to brighten up our ordinary lives with her library of whitty and comical videos, a mixture of impressionism, video blogs and general mischief, that resist being labeled as anything too specific! As Australia’s 9th Most Subscribed To Comedian Of All Time, Miss Cupcake is well on the way to reaching the top the of ladder in becoming the next big thing to come out of Aus! Miss Cupcake took some time out to give an exclusive interview with The405! Check It Out! What made you want to start your own YouTube channel? I originally made an account so I could watch and comment on other videos, but I rarely used youtube to be honest. Then I became friends on myspace with an American girl named Britini, and she wanted to hear my voice because I have an Australian accent, so she made a video asking me to make a video for her and I felt so special that someone made a video about me that I had to make one for her! I always said I would never upload videos of myself to the internet due to shyness, but after the first video it became easier and easier and then it became a fun pastime.
As we speak, you currently have 2,999 subscribers and a total of 07,730 views. How does something like that make you feel and does this change your views on Youtube itself? Everytime someone subscribes to my channel I have a mixed reaction of confusion and excitement. I am thrilled that people like me enough to subscribe and want to come back to see more! All I aim to do is have fun and hopefully entertain others, so it's great to see people enjoying my videos as much as I enjoy making them. Over time my opinion of youtube has changed alot, because in the beginning I had no idea that people had their own sort of tv show going on. Then I realised there were people out there who use youtube full time to financially support themselves, and I learned that there is a very strong community within youtube that the casual user wouldn't be aware of.
I've made alot of friends through youtube and hopefully one day I can travel around and meet them and do videos with them too! You've also been awarded with the "10th Most Subscribed To Australian Comedian Of All Time". Does this influence your videos at all? To be honest, I don't pay much attention to that sort of thing. I didn't even realise I had any of those awards until someone else told me! It would be a great feeling to be number 1 on some sort of list, whether its Australian comedian or something else, but I do not aim to be anywhere on those lists. My videos are not produced in an attempt to gain attention or popularity, so my awards are nice, but not really thought of when creating ideas for videos. Who/What inspires your to make your videos? The people who watch me play an enormous role when it comes to the content of my videos. My first video afterall, was requested by a friend. And after that, all the accent videos I have done were asked for by people on youtube. Sometimes if I have an idea of my own I will use it in a video, but mostly my inspiration comes from the people who watch me and encourage me to do more. I have many ideas of my own but I have alot of self doubt, so most of my own ideas never make it to youtube. I guess I feel as though I won't be failing or letting anyone down if I do something that they definately want to see. Because if I did something they hadn't asked for, then maybe they wouldn't like it. Television shows like Little Britain and The Catherine Tate Show are very inspirational to me, also.
What have you been listening to a lot of on your Ipod/mp3 player recently? I have a very broad collection of music! I can go from Britney Spears to Korn to 50 cent to German rock from Rammstein.In the past month or so Ive been listening to older cds of mine from bands like 5ive, Aqua, T.A.T.U, The offspring, and general 90's pop type of music.
I really like your "21 accents" and "21 emotions" videos. Are there any plans to continue this "21" trend? I originally did '21 accents' because Amy Walker did her own version and alot of people encouraged me to do it myself. As time goes by I feel more confident with myself and after a while I wanted to try acting out emotions, not just voices, so I wrote down a list of emotions I wanted to do. There were roughly 21 so I just named the video '21 emotions'. I have no more plans to do 21 more of anything but who knows what ideas I will come up! It would be cool to have a series of '21' things, though. Maybe I could organise for 21 characters of mine to have a party together one night.
I definately have enough wigs to pull it off! Do you ever feel like a part of your real personality is somewhat overshadowed or lost by the various charachters that you create and portray in your videos? Definately. My first character was actually an experiment to test my acting and vocal ability. I was constantly told by youtube members that they could 'hear my real accent through my voices' which implied I wasn't very successful at doing the accents. But I realised that they only said that when I mentioned where I was really from and that I was trying to do another accent. So I thought Id create a character on a new channel, from a different country to my own, and give her an accent, and a whole new persona to see if people would believe the accent, the acting, and the wig! It worked! No-one questioned the wig, nor the accent, but some people questioned the personality of the girl. They didn't believe someone could be as sweet natured as she came across. But that character is alot more like me than people realise. I just added a few things in like having an identical twin sister to see how far I could go and still have people believing me/her. It was so funny when people contacted me, as misscupcake, asking if I had been separated at birth from my twin sister. And then some people contacted me as the blonde character, asking if my identical twin sister had brown hair. They thought misscupcake was the twin sister, but it was really me all along! So, back to your question: sometimes I post character videos and I dont bother stating to the viewers that it's a character video. I figure that the people who know about me, will realise it's a character and not to be taken too seriously, and if newcomers watch the video and say something nasty about the character then I dont mind because it isn't really me theyre insulthing. Some people on youtube think Im a blonde American vegetarian and others think Im a brunette emo english girl with pale skin and nothing to smile about. A little bit of me is in each character, so I am not totally lost when I become them.
Miss Cupcake is still in there somewhere! Has your success on Youtube changed your life in anyway? Would you say you’ve become somewhat of a “celebrity” in your home town or in your circle of friends? Youtube in general has changed my life alot, but I am nothing like a celebrity or anything like that. I dont tell many people I know in real life about my youtube videos because Im very shy in real life and it must be strange to see such a confident girl on the computer then meet her in real life and see how nervous she is. I also get very nervous when someone in real life talks to me about something I uploaded to youtube. I worry that they will ask me to do a voice for them and it freaks me out to be put on the spot like that. But using youtube has changed my life in a very positive way; before I started uploading videos I just thought my voices were a party trick. Now I plan to do it as a career and it will hopefully take me to many great places. I've gained alot of confidence from it and I'm so thankful for that.
If you could make a cameo appearance in a Youtube video, who's would it be and why? I really have to choose only one? I dont know! I know of alot of great people on youtube and I'd love to make videos with all of them. If I had to choose one, I'd either choose MattKoval or HotForWords. I love both those people so much, I am a fan of all their work, they are both very professional and talented and I would be honoured to be associated with them. They both treat me very nicely, and encourage me and support me, and they are both nice people. But there are many others I would make videos with, like theoriginaltyler, gradualreport, omovies, bnessel1973, derekvids, britinimartini, whatthebuck, liamkylesullivan, andrewbravener, collegehumor, and more! But HotForWords and MattKoval are my top two choices for collaboration ideas.
Finally, where do you see yourself in 4 years time, in terms of your work on Youtube, new projects and any other personal aspirations you have in life? I am hoping that in the next 4 years I am doing voice work professionally as a career. Whether it's full time and replaces my current job, or just part time. I'd love to be on television one day but I don't aim to achieve that in the next 4 years. I also hope to meet a boy and have my first long term romantic relationship. misscupcake is kinda lonely here! Next year Im going to study German again, and learn it fluently. And after that I will start on French! In regards to youtube, I am completely unsure! I'd like to think my youtube friendships will remain intact and therefore I will post videos to keep in touch with them, and do new voices/characters for everyone, but because I don't intend to make a career out of youtube, it wont be my main focus or priority in any way. Check out Miss Cupcake on YouTube by visiting her channel here