"I can read minds but it's pointless because I am illiterate" Mitch Hedburg is a stand up comic who gets a lot less recognition than he deserves. This is largely thanks to his death in 2005 from an aparant drug overdose. Like many fellow comics before him Mitch had his life cut short before he could really  make the impact that he should, and almost certainly would have done had he lived for longer. "I think my hotel is haunted, I saw a sheet on the ground and thought it was a ghost sleeping. So I kicked it." The material on this disc was recorded at the Improv in Ontario, Canada and was originally meant to be preperation for a CD to be recorded later in the year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mitch's style he tells a series of amusing tales, or observations, which are based on his own life but which usually have an amusing one liner at the end of them. The one liners often take a couple of seconds to sink in but are generally laugh out loud funny and they come so thick and fast that by the time you've finished laughing at one you may have missed . Fortunatley you can always rewind and listen again. "I was at the airport, I put my bag on the x-ray scanner and discovered my bag has cancer. It only has six months left to hold shit." It's quite hard to describe why something is funny but with Mitch it's partially in his deliver. He has a  laid back way about him and he doesn't try and force the jokes too much. You can tell when he thinks a joke hasn't gone too well as he'll let out a gentle "all right" and even try and apologise for the jokes percieved badness. He's also willing to let the audience join in with him as he does on the 'track' Phil on this CD. If any of this sounds like it'll tickle your funny bone I would urge you to check out some of Hedburgs stand up on youtube and if that makes you laugh then please go and buy this album and keep his legacy alive. Words: Andrew Devine

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