I'm vaguely aware that most readers of The 405 are probably from the U.K. I also know that the U.K will soon be in the grips of winter, and that a summer-themed mixtape might thus seem wholly innapropriate. But on my side of the world summer is on its way, and with it comes the need for some good tunes to relax in the sun to. If it's cold where you are then crank up the heaters, put on a hawaiian shirt and pretend. 1. Heart of Chambers by Beach House 2. Mist by Shogu Tokumaru 3. The World at Large by Modest Mouse 4. Big Milk by Dan Deacon 5. There are Birds by The Ruby Suns 6. Caring is Creepy by The Shins 7. You Needed More by The Sleepy Jackson 8. Rough Gem by Islands 9. Breaking Away by Ratatat Click here to download the entire mix!