Regular readers of this site will know just how much I (Oliver) love Daytrotter but if you're new to this site, or indeed Daytrotter, I'll explain to you why i have so much love for them. Basically it's a website that review a lot of music etc but they also own a recording studio. Armed with the studio they get loads of amazing bands to come in and record sessions for everyone to download for free. Cool right? Well in honour of them heres my Best Of Daytrotter Mixtape that i've compiled from all my favourite sessions from the last few years. Enjoy and remember to check their site out!
  1. Bleary Eyed by Annuals
  2. Where There's A Will There's A Whalebone by Islands
  3. Sin City by Limbeck
  4. Gins Of Navarone by Maritime
  5. Bad News by Owen
  6. Think I Wanna Die by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
  7. Pick Up Truck by Willy Mason
  8. I Woke Up Today by Port O'Brien
Download the mix by clicking here!