Words and Picture by Gregory Thrasher Some weeks are just better off coming to an end, and what better way to blow off some work-week (or lack-of-work-week) steam, than with a barn-burning set of super-heady-nug-jams. Each song has been carefully selected and placed in an order that will cater to each and every one of your delicate little psyches...yes, you, I'm speaking to you. I lovingly put this mixtape together with the specific intention of lighting that proverbial fire under all your bum-bums...so get outside this weekend and enjoy Mother Nature's splendor, no matter what the conditions. Actually, just do what you want, be selfish, spoil yourself, eat fried chicken, smoke cigarettes, read Anne Rice. Do whatever it is you do, but seriously though, DO IT. And remember, play it loud fuckers. 1. Scott Walker - It's Raining Today 2. Ty Segall-Oh Mary 3. Bardo Pond - Be a Fish 4. Jay Reatard-Night Of Broken Glass 5. The Fall - Oh! Brother 6. Sir Lord Baltimore - Hell Hound 7. Fleetwood Mac - Ledge 8. Captain Beefheart - Electricity 9. This Heat - Horizantal Hold 10. T-Rex - She Was Born To Be My Unicorn 11. Black Dice - Ultra Vomit Craze 12.Can- Sing Swan Song Click here to download the entire mixtape!