Bandcamp is a major rabbit hole, but entering the unknown also has plenty of rewards. This month, we have the last transmission from an underrated Boston punk band, a luscious single from North Carolina duo Beauty World, and the perfect summer soundtrack from Virginia's Young Scum.

Krill - Krill

An epilogue after the band split last fall, Krill is a collection of unreleased tracks they were crafting right before the trio called it quits. Raw, rowdy, and highly infectious, it is the kind of record that will cause the uninitiated to go back through their all too brief discography. While it's still a shame that Krill won't be giving us new tunes in the future, the seven-minute, marauding 'Billy' is as perfect an endnote for the Boston band as anything could be.

Beauty World - 'Joypop Turbo'

Durham, North Carolina is one of the more unheralded music cities in the U.S., and Beauty World only serve as more proof of that. The duo is comprised of Duncan Webster (Hammer No More the Fingers) and Leah Gibson (Lost in the Trees). 'Joypop Turbo', their first release in over two years, is an intoxicating cocktail of orchestral strings, synth plucks, and intricate guitar. It's the kind of song you simply don't stumble across that often, so let's hope they don't wait another two years to release more music.

Neon Bunny - Stay Gold

Neon Bunny's latest album is the kind of streetlights-hitting-puddles midnight soul that has become so popular over the last few years. Stay Gold is rich, melodic, and impressively varied. 'Room314' features booming drums and colossal synths, which contrast well with more intimate affairs like 'Romance in Seoul'. Sung in a mix of Korean and English, Stay Gold feels both exotic and instantaneously familiar and comforting. It's tough to nail down a direct comparison, but anyone who appreciates the vibes of Honne or Majid Jordan should dive headfirst into this record.

Dizzyride - 'Arrows'

Lyrically Dizzyride's 'Arrows' is a pretty huge downer, an exploration of frustration, exasperation, and eventual resignation, but it's also absolutely gorgeous. Reminiscent of Mr Twin Sister's 'Blush', the song is psychedelic and soulful, built around cymbals, airy vocal harmonies and sparse, clean guitar. The rest of the duo's Lend Me Your Ears EP is solid, but there's a reason 'Arrows' is the only song that gets its own reprise.

Ryland Rose - Peaches

Australia might not be a hip-hop hotbed globally, but they can seriously churn out quality pop rap. Ryland Rose's latest record isn't "spiritual miracle lyrical" underground cipher music, but it's a ton of fun and Rose has plenty of presence on the mic. His 'White Iverson' flip is inspired, and 'Datsun' really knocks. Yes, he sounds like Allday, but he's also got his own style and heaps of swagger.

Young Scum - Zona

Nostalgia is a powerful weapon, and Young Scum wield it well on Zona, the kind of warm, summery indie rock record that instantly makes you feel like your adolescence was ten times more enjoyable than it was in reality. The title track - 'Zona' is short for Arizona Ice Tea - and opener 'If You Say That' are particular standouts, but the other three songs work quite well too. Intricate, pretty fretwork from Chris Smith and Ben Medcalf give the whole album a bit of a Real Estate feel, high praise for any up-and-coming indie band.