Last night I saw a rather entertaining documentary about how some Germans perceive Sweden. Apparently it's seen as some idyllic native environment, where nature is untouched and everyone lives in surroundings taken straight out of a Astrid Lindgren book. Being Swedish myself I can tell you that this is not the case. But what we do have is great music. Here's a little mixtape to illustrate that. Hello Saferide - “2008″ The Garlands - "You Never Notice Me" Souls - “Expensive” I’m From Barcelona - “Houdini” Stars In Coma - “People Put Up With A Lot Of Shit” Laakso - “The Death Of Us” Love Is All - "Movie Romance" The Wannadies - “The Beast Cures The Lover” Solitude & Company - “Switch” The Bell - “Never Had To Pay Before” Broder Daniel - "Luke Skywalker" The Pale Corners - “Steve Buscemi” Click here to download the full mix!