Label: One Little Indian Release Date: 25/01/10 Website: Myspace If there was ever a genre to be teenage and angsty to, it's this new brand of pop-punk, neon emo that has arisen in the past couple of years. It has to be the most temper-tantrum-tastic genre in the world. Something irrevocably boring happened when Panic! At the Disco took away their exclamation mark, and all the music that arose when 'emo' went ‘indie’ is summarised in Soon. Swedish synth-pop outfit Mixtapes & Cellmates formed in 2005, releasing their EP Juno before the name was associated with the quirky pregnant teenage girl. Their line-up consists of Robert Svensson, Johan Fagerberg, Henning Runolf, Olle Hallqvist, and Matilda Berggren. Soon seems like a progression in style for Mixtapes & Cellmates. Much of their back catalogue is more minimal and electronic and less like the fashionable moody rock of their new release. Recent album Rox follows Soon in it’s simple rhythmic structure and its aching lyrics (‘I hate you more for every day’ opens Soon in a way the song means to go on). Soon begins with a promising drum and guitar intro, before disappointingly settling into a song which screams ‘pop-by-numbers’, with tinkling piano chords and a sing-along chorus. The track never ventures into the unpleasant. Its kept aloft by echoing background synths and driving drums, but it helplessly retreads old ground, emotionally, lyrically and musically. This could be ignored had the song got much more to offer. It appears to be stuck in the verse/chorus/verse 4/4 form of most pop, with the same instruments, a good amount of polish and guitar licks that get inside your head while never being fully satisfying. The formulaic pop of Mixtapes & Cellmates is not to be dismissed though, as there will probably be room for more of it Soon. Rating: 5/10