Miya Folick released one of our favourite albums of late last year with her debut record Premonitions, and now she has shortly followed it up with a new track called 'Malibu Barbie' and promises of more to come soon. Talking about the inspirations for the new track, Miya says:

“’Malibu Barbie’ is about my exploration of what being a woman means to me - it’s a longing for an ideal. It’s realizing that I can go to an extreme in pursuit of physical perfection, look around, and realize that I haven’t changed. I am still longing and seeking something more. Who I am is not a place at which I can arrive.”

Touching on activities that could easily be dismissed as consumerist and preoccupied with appearance, 'Malibu Barbie' actually turns these outwardly vapid ideas into a deep and meaningful contemplation of modern standards. As ever, Folick's words are simple but pointed, and with her perfectly pitched voice they take on a more razor-edge. Of course there's a sense of carefree happiness on the surface, but the internal worries of our singer still bubble up, and by the time she signs off with "I'm still a human being," we fully understand the unspoken pressures that she's touching on here.

Miya Folick plays her first ever London headline show at The Borderline on Wednesday, May 29th (tickets).

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