Brooklyn-based artists MJDorian and LEA have both had promising careers bubbling just beneath the surface. But now, by coupling MJDorian's producer talents with LEA's undeniably stunning vocals, the pair could have something really exciting. Look no further than 'Blood Lust,' the duo's newest single, which is accompanied by a unsettling sinister video shot largely on VHS camcorders.

"Why can't a pop song explore vice and murder the way our favorite films do?" asks MJDorian. "That was the initial goal when LEA and I started 'Blood Lust': to create a dark, narrative pop song. As a music producer, I'm driven by the idea of subverting pop music; to make it do things it's not traditionally supposed to do. Our story goes: two women fall in love in a night of intoxication and decide to seduce and murder a man."

True to the words of MJDorian, 'Blood Lust' is a sleek, seductive and dark synth pop song. The track's evocative atmosphere is accentuated and amplified by the style of the video.

"'Blood Lust' is shot entirely in VHS," explains MJDorian. "We noticed the VHS quality gave the footage an immediate nostalgia. In the handheld portions which LEA shot, we were hoping to capture a candid voyeurism, giving the viewer a feeling that they weren't supposed to be watching this footage; as if it was something private. As the video unfolds (in a non-linear format), the viewer is supposed to feel like a detective, beginning to piece together the aspects of this crime.

"I honestly don't know if we achieved that," admits MJDorian. "Maybe people will watch it and just be confused. But I'm pretty certain there are those 'true crime' fans out there who will feel right at home exercising their detective skills while listening to 'Blood Lust.'"

The narrative joys of 'Blood Lust,' both in the music and in the video, are bountiful. They are particularly enjoyable if you are, like myself, interested in the macabre. According to LEA, this was exactly what she and her collaborative partner were aiming for.

"Until working with MJDorian, I hadn't met someone whose dark, twisted tastes linked so effortlessly with my own," says LEA. "Working on his song was a new experience for me; when we first got together to rehearse, the only thing he gave me was sheet music. He told me he wanted the song to sound as much like me as possible, which was exciting and unexplored territory. I loved filling the role he had created in his head, and bringing it to life through audio and film."

Make sure to check out the video for 'Blood Lust' above, then maybe watch it on repeat for awhile like I did. And, if you are a fan of this track, LEA has some good news: "Be on the lookout for more MJ + LEA collaborations soon.”