'Fade To Black/I Go Away' is the double A-side single by electronic duo MNDR (pronounced "mandar"), better known to their friends and relatives as Amanda Warner and Peter Wade. Based and released in the hip and cool circles of New York, they seem to have created quite a storm recently and artists ranging from Massive Attack to Yeah Yeah Yeahs are clamouring to work with them. As for the music, 'Fade To Black' is the radio hit and is a slice of dancey and twitchy electro-indie pop very much akin to artists such as Suckers or Ladyhawke. 'I Go Away' is slightly more downbeat, but similar in sound and tone.

This is pop music first and foremost, despite its electro veneer, and unfortunately in an already very over-crowded scene of electro-pop musicians MNDR doesn't really offer anything different. Yes it's fun, and Warner's vocals suit the music well. However, there is clearly talent there, so perhaps we should wait and see what further releases bring before being too final with any judgements.