Narcotic sounds in the slacker laid-backness of this slice of insta-chill from producer MNDSGN (that's "mind design" to me & you). Self-professedly "on a quest to make you float," MNDSGN aka Ringgo Acheta is originally from the Philippines but is now based in LA, making beats like this one for a living. 'Eggs' is his latest offering. Kicks softly burst-pulse, with laser snares rolling in and out of earshot, as glassy keys twist lightly through corridors of ultra-lounge sounds, and a near-slurred vocal monotone phantom-whisks through the sun-melted scenery. Acheta is on a quest to make us float, and from the heat-distorted view of Los Angeles I just imagined, I think he's on to something.

This is taken from Surface Outtakes, out 8th July on Leaving Records – an "introspective prelude" to MNDSGN's "proper full-length", Yawn Zen, out in August via Stones Throw.