Mobley describes his music as "post-genre pop" and the description would seem to fit. His woozy blend of pop, electronica and R&B puts him in pretty unique company. And this auteur has assembled a lofty résumé over the past several years, releasing a number of staggering singles and touring the world as a one-man band. Now, Mobley is crafting a new project, Fresh Lies, Vol. I, and with that comes new single 'Tell You.'

Featuring production that lands somewhere between The Weeknd and James Blake, 'Tell You' is a soulful track that bristles with pop energy. The track builds almost continuously across its three-and-a-half minutes, layering more and more sounds atop one another in a compelling bricolage of styles. But it is ultimately Mobley's expressive vocal performance that takes this track from good to great.

Interestingly, 'Tell You' is an extension of a previous song from Mobley, allowing him to build upon a strong and emotive lyrical foundation.

"This was the last song that I wrote for the record," explains Mobley. "I felt like the particular story that I started in the song 'Tell Me' (about a pair of troubled lovers running off together) needed some resolution. Honestly, I was curious to know how their story ended. This song deals with what happens when the passion of the grand romantic gesture has faded and what’s left is the hard, sometimes unhappy work of making a life together."

Stream Mobley's 'Tell You' below and be on the look out for Fresh Lies, Vol. I later this year.