Label: Mute Website: Moby—the gentle king of inoffensive electronic music—definitely knows what he is doing. Almost every characteristic of his new single contribute to a theme of a maudlin journey: the wanton lyrics, the ghastly synth line, and even the title “Pale Horses” develop a somber, distant texture. It is all appropriately constructed, yet there is an underlying paradox that prevents it from really bringing out the “blue” in “blueprint.” The downtempo verses create an empty environment that aches on too long, turning isolation into boredom. On the other hand, the orchestral swells that break the silence fall just short of adding much-needed power into the mix. The contradiction lies in the fact that “Pale Horses” is neither short nor long enough to convey its expertly crafted message, and what could be a tragic voyage is merely a humdrum pop tune with an ambient tone. That is the real tragedy. Rating: 5.5/10